Danielle deo Owensby

Stitched in Silence

Informed by sexual abuse statistics provided by the non-profit organization Darkness to Light and United States census data, Stitched in Silence  visually portrays the staggering numbers childhood sexual abuse, specifically children impacted by the age of 8 years old, which was the age I myself experienced this trauma. 

As part of a statewide initiative, I’ve been traveling across Michigan, creating a large bedsheet quilt/tarp proportional to each city's population. For instance, in Roseville, MI, the giant quilt was created using 191 bed sheets.

This work is a progression from my previous work, One Sheet for Each Day Since.

Traverse City, Michigan: 55 Sheets

Roseville, Michigan: 191 Sheets

Dexter, Michigan: 26 Sheets

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