Submit to the Jade Plant Project

About the Project

In case you missed it:

The mission of the The Jade Plant Project is to create a space where survivors and victims of sexual trauma, regardless of artistic skill or identity, can submit something they’ve created, seen, or appreciate as an act of solidarity with the community. The result is a zine filled with the powerful contributions of survivors.

Contributors are free to share whatever they want, the topic left open. They can submit therapeutic art about their experience, or art about anything (and we mean anything) else. Sometimes survivors feel they can’t be a part of the community because they aren’t seasoned or practiced artists; with this project, we hope to validate everyone and whatever form their expression takes.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for anything and everything! Not sure what that could entail? Here are some examples:

A picture you took that you really like!

Some awesome doodle calligraphy you did on your school notes!

Poetry you scribbled on a napkin or filed away in your phone!

Dream journal entries!


Pictures of your dog/cat/unicorn/plants!

Collages, travel photos, polaroids, scanner art... Legitimately anything!

How To Submit


Fill out our form below. In the NAME space, put the name that you would like to be credited in the publication. If you want to remain anonymous, please put "Anonymous."


If you have a website, instagram, tumblr, or other kind of social platform you would like us to share on your behalf, please include that in the Message space.


Send us your media! You can either link us  (like a shareable google drive link, or a tumblr link,) or you can email the file separately to:


Keep your eyes peeled for the launch! We will publish each and every submission we get. We are a quarterly publication, so we have plenty of space for everyone!


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