Danielle deo Owensby

The Jade Plant Project

The mission of The Jade Plant Project is to create a space where survivors and victims of sexual trauma, regardless of artistic skill or identity, can submit something they’ve created, seen, or appreciate as an act of solidarity with the community. The result is a zine filled with the powerful contributions of survivors.

Contributors are free to share whatever they want, the topic left open. They can submit therapeutic art about their experience, or they can send in a piece of writing that is unrelated to their trauma-- they can even send in a doodle they made on a napkin that they particularly enjoy. Sometimes survivors feel they can’t be a part of the community because they aren’t seasoned or practiced artists; with this project, we hope to validate everyone and whatever form their expression takes.

The Jade Plant Project can be found at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University, the Barnard University Zine Library,  the Sallie Bingham Center at Duke University, the University of Chicago Zine Collection, the Queer Zine Archive Project, the Grand Rapids Public Library, Agitator Gallery, Awakenings Center, and as a part of the Chicago Books to Women in Prison project. 

You Can Submit to The Project Here!

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